Pets have sensitive stomachs and gastrointestinal tracts. While many pet owners think by feeding their beloved pet table scraps is showing affection, it may actually cause a serious medical reaction. There are numerous “human” foods that cause severe stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting for pets and should be entirely avoided when possible.

The following foods are harmful to pets’ digestive tracts and overall well-being: 


  • Alcohol. 
  • Almonds. 
  • Avocados. 
  • Baby food. 
  • Chives. 
  • Chicken bones. 
  • Chocolate. 
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  • Garlic. 
  • Grapes. 
  • Liver. 
  • Macadamia nuts. 
  • Milk. 
  • Mushrooms. 
  • Nutmeg. 
  • Onions. 
  • Pistachios. 
  • Raisins. 
  • Raw eggs. 
  • Raw or undercooked meat. 
  • Rhubarb.
  • Salt. 
  • Tea. 
  • Tomato. 
  • Tuna. 
  • Walnuts. 
  • Xylitol.

If you are unsure whether a food is poisonous to your pet, please consult the veterinarian prior to feeding it to your animal. Should your pet accidently consume one or multiple of these foods, contact our office immediately.

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Keeping your pet clean is an essential aspect of pet ownership. Pets, like humans, need to be bathed to maintain the health of their skin and coat. How often you bathe your pet will depend on the type of hair they have and their propensity to get dirty. Certain types of pets need to be bathed once a week, while others clean themselves and don’t need baths – ever. It is important to understand your pet’s specific grooming needs, and it is equally as important to meet them, either by means of at-home grooming or by hiring a professional groomer.


Grooming supplies

If you plan on home-grooming, it is important to obtain the supplies necessary to properly clean your pet. The following is a list of some supplies you might consider: 

  • Brush – either a massaging brush or bristle brush help smooth and shine hair. 
  • Dematting comb – helps comb out mats in fur. 
  • Ear cleaner –gently clean pets’ ears. 
  • Eye-stain cleaners – great for pets with excess tear production. Cleans stains around eyes and disinfects. 
  • Facial scissors – with rounded tips to avoid poking eyes. 
  • Grooming table and grooming arm – allow you to safely secure your pet while grooming them. 
  • Nail Clippers –keep pet’s nails at a healthy length. 
  • Oatmeal baths – for pets with allergies. Help soothe skin and prevent dryness. 
  • Professional pet clippers – cut through pet hair with ease. 
  • Shedding blade – catches a pets’ undercoat and helps pull out shedding hair. 
  • Soft Paws or Soft Claws – protective silicone coating put over a cat or dog’s nails to prevent harm to furniture or floors. 
  • Toothbrush – rid pets’ mouth of bacteria and plaque.

If you prefer to take your pet to a professional groomer, many of these services are combined in packages to allow you to easily select a desired grooming session. If any extra services sound appealing, ask you groomer if they offer such services or if they could perform them for your pet.